As a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, the Manchester Global Foundation (MGF) has a two-pronged structure, carrying out both for-profit (consultancy) and not-for-profit (philanthropy) activities. Through our consultancy arm, we provide services to a wide range of clients nationally and internationally. All of our consultants then donate part of their professional fees to contribute to MGF’s not-for-profit activities. Below is a scheme of how our business model works.

business model structure

MGF has a Board of Trustees, a Director – Rakhshi Memon –, and a Management Team. The key functions of the trustees and of the Director are described in our Constitution (copies of which can be obtained by emailing with "constitution" in the subject line). The Foundation’s Board of Trustees meets twice yearly in person. Please watch this space for trustee recruitment: as the organisation grows, we will be expanding our board.