Dr. Syed Shariq Hasan



Dr. Syed Shariq Hasan is a public health specialist with a special interest in health education, preventive medicine, mind sciences and complementary medicine. He is working as a research fellow in Gastroenterology and Hypnotherapy at the University Hospital of South Manchester and as an Honorary lecturer in the Manchester Medical School at the University of Manchester. Over the past 23 years Dr. Hasan has acquired experience in healthcare systems nationally as well as internationally. He has worked as a clinician and public health physician in primary, secondary and tertiary care facilities both in the public and private sectors.

After completing his basic medical training he received his specialist training in public health, family medicine and complementary medicine. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public health and a member of the UK Public health association. As part of his public health training, Dr. Hasan conducted research on the morbidity pattern in the employees of an international airline and also studied its relationship with the causes of sickness absenteeism. In addition to this he looked into the health services provided to the airline’s employees with regards to its cost effectiveness and the prescribing pattern of its doctors. He also conducted a knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) study on the management of diarrhoeal disease in both an urban and a rural community.

Dr. Shariq Hasan founded ‘Healthwatch’, an innovative demonstration programme for the promotion of health, in 1997. This comprises a school health programme, medical research, health education and medical consultation. Under the Health watch school health programme he assessed the health status of school children and also arranged to identify their blood groups and measure haemoglobin levels. Dr. Hasan has been involved in health education through the electronic media. He has produced health oriented television programmes for which he received national awards. He has promoted health sector charities in his TV programmes and was also involved in the production of a documentary called ‘The day the mountains moved’ based on the psycho-trauma resulting from the disaster due to the earthquake in October 2005 in Pakistan.

Dr. Shariq Hasan is also a clinical hypnotherapist with a specialisation in gut focused hypnotherapy in addition to being a NLP practitioner and a ‘Reiki’ healer. He is a member of the Complementary therapists association, the CNHC and the National register of approved gastrointestinal hypnotherapists and psychotherapists in the UK. Due to his interest in complementary medicine he studied the role of hypnotherapy in clinical medicine with respect to its indication in various conditions. Dr. Hasan recently published an audit of one thousand patients into the use of hypnotherapy in Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). He has also completed research on streamlining provision of hypnotherapy in IBS for making it more accessible and cost effective. Furthermore, he studied the role of psycho-trauma with regards to IBS symptoms and the response to treatment using hypnotherapy.

Dr. Hasan has been involved in teaching public health medicine since 2007. He has worked as an Assistant Professor and Head of the department of Community Medicine and a Post graduate tutor in health and nutrition in Pakistan. Currently he is working as an honorary lecturer at the University of Manchester.

Dr. Hasan is fluent in English, Urdu, and Hindi, while he can also communicate in Punjabi and Sindhi. He has a keen interest in studying Middle Eastern languages and is an intermediate user of Persian and is currently learning Arabic. He has also studied French in his school in London.