Prof Nasim Chaudhry



Prof Nasim Chaudhry is a consultant psychiatrist and Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning (PILL). She is an Honorary Professor of Psychiatry at Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS), Head of Psychological Medicines at Remedial Center Hospital and Associate Director of Global Mental Health and Cultural Psychiatry Research Group. She is a Member and Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and obtained her doctorate in medicine from the University of Manchester, at which she was also a senior lecturer. She was a trainer, regional advisor and clinical/post graduate tutor at the Royal College of Psychiatrists for many years. She worked as a consultant psychiatrist with the National Health Service in the UK for 15 years. Her main research interests are in women’s mental health, self-harm and suicide prevention in low income countries, cultural psychiatry and global health. She is particularly interested in developing culturally appropriate services and improving access to culturally adapted cost-effective psychosocial therapies for severe mental illness. Her research is related to aspects of cultural psychiatry which are not only contributing to address the huge Mental Health Gap (MH-Gap) in low and middle income countries (LMICs) like Pakistan but have become increasingly important for the appropriate development and delivery of psychiatric services in the UK. She is a chief investigator and co-investigator for a number of research projects funded by various grant bodies such as Medical Research Council, Welcome Trust, NIH-R, CIDA and Grand Challenges Canada.