Karen Bryson



Karen Bryson is an experienced business strategist with 20 years senior level clinical, operational and consultancy portfolio developed within the UK public sector; KPMG, EY, Atos; emerging digital and smart technology market players and in NGOs working in South Asia. Karen holds an MBA, Certificate in Tropical Medicine, nursing and midwifery qualifications.

While working in Sri Lanka and the Maldives on a number of programmes, Karen established a self-sustaining health care and public health service for disenfranchised communities living on the canal banks in Colombo – tackling malnutrition, infectious disease, water and sanitation, re-ablement for children with polio disability, working alongside programmes for education, micro-business development and environmental health. Karen ran a rural orphanage and feeding programme for children orphaned and suffering severe malnutrition and abuse as a result of the civil war. She worked with traditional birth attendants in remote atolls on safe obstetric and birth practices to tackle high maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity. She also advised the national programme on birth control.

She brings an entrepreneurial approach that successfully creates solutions, identifies and builds nascent markets, and develops durable approaches to complex service environments. Her system change work has informed National Service Frameworks for long term conditions, reshaped cancer pathways, developed NHS policy for out of hospital models, introduced financial restructuring, improved operational efficiency and introduced technology to healthcare management. Karen works also with global platforms tapping the power of digital, smart and web-technologies to tap and release social capital where needed.