Dr. Raj Ariyaratnam


Contact: senathirajah.ariyaratnam@mcrglobal.org

Dr. Raj Ariyaratnam is one of the trustees of the Manchester Global Foundation and he is the Lead for Global Oral Health Initiatives (GOH) at the School of Dentistry, University of Manchester. He is also the Academic Clinical Lead for Oral medicine teaching programme for undergraduate students at the University of Manchester in addition to being a practising Specialist in Oral Medicine both in Manchester and Birmingham. Dr. Ariyaratnam has approximately 40 years of Academic and Clinical experience both in United Kingdom and in Sri Lanka.

He has worked in primary, secondary and tertiary care sectors both in Sri Lanka and UK, initially graduated as a dentist and then specialised in Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine and also published scientific papers in International Journals in these areas. He has lectured in Oral Medicine and in Global Oral Health both nationally and internationally. He also has been invited as a guest speaker many times for regional and International Conferences. He has multifaceted expertise.

He has gained significant experience in Global Oral Health over the last five years. He has set up a CPD programme structure for dentists in a post conflict region, Jaffna, Sri Lanka to continuously update their knowledge and skill. He is now the International Lead and Coordinator for that programme. To sustain that learning activity he also has recently set up a Global Online Teaching and Learning platform called GOLF (Global Online Learning Forum) with the support of UOM and CMFT. This project is now connected to Dentists in Sri Lanka and Kenya.

He is also the founder of DentMan GOHF (Global Oral Health Forum), which is a platform where Manchester Global Oral Health Practitioners (students, staffs, alumnae) can share their experiences of global volunteering with others to inspire future volunteers. This project is also supported by University of Manchester and Central Manchester Foundation Trust.