Dr. Darren Walter



Dr. Darren Walter is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Assistant Medical Director of the North West Ambulance Service and Medical Director of the North West Air Ambulance. He is a Senior Lecturer in Global Health at the University of Manchester. His specialist areas of interest are ambulance system development, prehospital emergency medicine and disaster management. Since appointment as a medical consultant in 2002 he has been involved in healthcare management and system design as Clinical Director of a University Hospital Emergency Department, then the wider Urgent Care field before becoming Trauma Lead for the Major Trauma Centre.

Dr. Walter has worked with the Emergency Preparedness Division at the English Department of Health around disaster management and pandemic preparedness, undertaking research and publishing in these areas. He has worked with Gulu University in Northern Uganda to develop a trauma education system and with the Ministry of Health to develop the concept of a Ugandan National Ambulance Service. He is Chair of the International Affairs Committee of the National Association of EMS Physicians in America and has lead the creation of their international ambulance medical director’s education programme.