At Manchester Global Foundation we put great value in partnerships, and we are proud to collaborate with charities, consultancy firms, and policy organisations worldwide.

Manchester Global Health Society

 Manchester Global Foundation is proud to support the Manchester Global Health Society a unique award winning student-led group that has gone beyond the traditional set up of a university society. Through their partnerships and hardworking multi-disciplinary committee and team of ambassadors they deliver an exciting and diverse programme of events covering all areas of public health. Their aim is to inspire students, staff and alumni of the University of Manchester as well as the local community while also stimulating cross-disciplinary debate and sparking innovation across the board. They want Manchester to be the centre of global health for years to come. In May 2015, the Manchester Global Health Society won the “Best New Society” and “Committee Team of the Year” awards at the Students’ Union. In July of the same year they received an award for “Outstanding Contributions to Public Health” at the International Festival of Public Health. Both its president and vice president received awards for “Services to Health and Wellbeing”. You can follow the Global Health Society on Facebook and Twitter.


DentMan is a joint global health initiative by Manchester Dental School & Dental Hospital, founded by Dr Raj Ariyaratnam, who also sits on MGF's board of trustees. DentMan is a platform where current and prospective Manchester students and practitioners can exchange their global oral health volunteering knowledge and share experiences to inspire future volunteers. Together with the University of Manchester, and with backing from the MCFT and from the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MASHC), DentMan has launched the Manchester Global Online Learning Forum (GOLF), an online virtual learning community to allow dental professionals from developing countries to receive free training provided by colleagues in Manchester. The platform can ultimately be used to foster exchanges of knowledge and ideas across the globe.

Frontier Research

Frontier Research is a UK-registered company with its core management team basfrontier-researched in Sierra Leone. Established in 2015, Frontier Research is a West Africa-focused research and advisory firm. From its offices in Accra, Freetown and Monrovia, it provides research services across West Africa. Founded by professionals with over a decade’s experience working in the region, Frontier Research was established to help its clients make informed business decisions. Since its inception, Frontier Research has executed numerous projects for a growing portfolio of private sector and donor institution clients, including UNDP, GIZ, KPMG, FTI Consulting, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the Africa Governance Initiative (AGI), and various institutional investors based in London and New York.

Asian Breast Cancer Support Group

Founded in 2011, the abcsglogo-compactAsian Breast Cancer Support Group provides a valuable forum for patient and carer group members to interact and share their experiences with each other, taking into account the unique cultural and linguistic needs of Asian breast cancer patients. Its objectives are to assess the availability of information at various steps of patient journey and if necessary update, integrate and translate it into common Asian languages; to support health professionals in communicating effectively with this group of patients; to promote breast cancer awareness among Asian women, and to promote Asian women's participation in clinical trials.

Welbodi Partnership

The Welbodi Partnership is a U.K. based organisation whose mission is to improve the quality of healthcare for children and mowelbodithers in Sierra Leone through the provision of education, training, infrastructure and management support. One of their key accomplishments has been the establishment, in partnership with the children’s hospital and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, of the Sierra Leone Institute for Child Health (SLICH), which forms part of the Government of Sierra Leone’s strategic plan for Reproductive and Child Health.

Doctors of the World UK

Doctors of the World UK is part of the global Médecins du Monde network, which delivers over 400 projects in 80 countries through 3,000 volunteers.Their vision is of a world in which vulnerable people affected by war, natural disasters, disease, hunger, poverty or exclusion get the healthcare they need regardless of income or status. Through their health programmes and advocacy we work to ensure excluded people overcome barriers to healthcare. Since opening in the UK in 1998, Doctors of the World UK have raised more than £15 million for overseas programmes, helped more than 8,600 service user here in the UK, and fought for healthcare as a human right for all.

World Health Innovation Summit


The World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS) is an innovative way of working together, providing a platform to openly share ideas and discover solutions together. The WHIS is not just a conference or a meeting. It is about communities coming together to work together to improve health care for all, to network on a continuous basis. By bringing patients, clinicians, managers, voluntary sector, education and businesses together to exchange knowledge, inspire and innovate together we all learn and our health service will benefit. WHIS is about each and every one of us helping to support our health services, supporting communities to inspire, innovate and share knowledge to improve healthcare. You can follow the WHIS on Twitter.

SFV Consulting Group

sfvSFV Consulting Group is a Kansas-based organisation that has assembled a core staff with proven track records of success and years of combined expertise. Using time-tested techniques as well as the latest research on fundraising and corporate social responsibility, the Group brings world-class skills, techniques, and solutions to the fund raising and philanthropy needs of NGOs and businesses in developing and transitioning countries. SFV enables NGOs, authorities, and corporations to serve community needs by bringing together innovative people and strategic resources based on shared vision with our partners and clients. The Group is first and foremost a service-oriented organization which seeks to contribute solutions to the challenges of our world.

Uganda Women's Health Initiative

The Uganda Women’s Health Initiative (UWHI) is a “not for profit” organisation that is dedicated to improving the health of women in Uganda through innovative research and sustainable programmes. It is governed by both UK and Ugandan representatives and a Ugandan co-chair Dr Lawrence Kaggwa,
The UWHI is a collaboration between, Makerere University, Mulago Hospital, Hospice Africa Uganda, University College London and The University of Manchester. Since its inception in 2006, the UWHI has been working with a wide range of clinical professionals and institutions, all of whom have an active interest in women’s health issues in Uganda.