All Parliamentary Mental Health Summit

The All Parliamentary Mental Health Summit 2020 was jointly organized by Parliamentary Task Force on Sustainable Developmental Goals, Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning (PILL) and the University of Manchester and held at the Aiwan-e-Sadar and Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services, Islamabad.

The summit was the first such mental health event to be held in Pakistan. It was therefore a poignant occasion in the country’s history and in the plight for improving mental health awareness and services provision in Pakistan.

Professor Nusrat Husain (MGF Chair of the Board of Trustees), representing the University of Manchester, sat on the platform alongside the President of Pakistan and addressed the summit about the need for improvement to Pakistan’s mental health care. The summit and the President’s responding speech were momentous for Pakistan and received lots of coverage from the local and national news media.

Several MGF consultants attended the parliamentary summit in March 2020, as well as presentations, workshops and other meetings held over several days. Those who attended worked closely with colleagues from PILL and the University of Manchester to make the events held in Islamabad successful. The day prior to the summit, Mental Health Question Time was held. Our Dr Meher Husain sat on the expert panel of this event and answered questions from the audience, which consisted of medical professionals, government officials and members of the general public.

The All Parliamentary Mental Health Summit 2020 was a huge accomplishment for all the organizers and MGF was privileged to be a part of this historic event.