A partnership to promote evidence-based humanitarian aid

Our Chair of Trustees Prof. Mukesh Kapila will deliver a keynote speech at the official launch of the partnership between Evidence Aid, an international charity based in Oxford, and the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEBM) at the University of Oxford. The event will be held at Rewley House, Oxford, on Thursday 27th October from 5.00pm. The event will address the key issue of the need for humanitarian interventions to be as evidence-based as possible to be as effective as possible. Professor Kapila’s speech will address the moral dimension to evidence-based humanitarianism.

With about US$ 24 billion spent in humanitarian aid each year, there is a growing need for grounding humanitarian operations on robust evidence. Yet, such evidence is hard to find, as information is spread across tens of thousands of different documents such as reports, journals, books and websites. What is more, methodologies are often different and findings are sometimes contradictory. Both Evidence Aid and the CEBM aim at promoting evidence-based approaches.

Tickets (required) for the event can be booked hereFor further information, contact: Jane Higgins, Office Administrator Evidence Aid.