Irine's family eating in her village in the Turkana region of Northwestern Kenya.Irine is a ten year old girl from the Turkana ethnic community (or tribe) in northern Kenya. Turkana are traditionally pastoralists, which means they live a seminomadic lifestyle that is based around their livestock. Unlike other pastoralists, Irineâs family does not move around. Her father decided to keep his family settled in one place so that the children could go to school. The nomadic lifestyle often makes it difficult for Turkana children to regularly attend school. The Turkana are traditionally polygamous. Irineâs father has three wives and a total of 18 children among them. Irineâs mother has seven children. Irine is the second oldest of the seven and she is the only girl. She also then has many half brothers and sisters. In Turkana culture, girls are generally married off at a young age in exchange for a bride price that the prospective husband pays.  However, Irineâs parents made a decision that Irine would go to school and receive an education rather than be married off for a bride price. Not all girls her age in the Turkana community share the same fate. Many girls Irineâs age do not go to school.

Conference on Nutrition and Food Security

As of 2015, about 159 million children were stunted (too short for their age) and 50 million were wasted (too thin for their height). And while the burden of undernutrition has been slowly decreasing in the past decades, more and more children globally are becoming overweight or even obese. Many governments have formally committed to address all forms of malnutrition, but implementation has been lagging behind.

To keep the fight against malnutrition under the spotlight, Save the Children Italy is facilitating a high-level conference on Nutrition and food security: challenges for the future, which will see the participation of key representatives of organisations involved in this sector. Our own Simona Seravesi has been working as a consultant with Save the Children Italy to organise this conference.The event will be opened by a session on the Global Agenda for Nutrition and Food Security, followed by a roundtable discussion on approaches and challenges for tackling malnutrition in all its forms and achieving food security. During the event Save the Children will launch its new Global Nutrition Report, “Unequal Portions” and will facilitate dialogue with key stakeholders on the importance of investing in nutrition and food security, also in view of the Nutrition for Growth Summit in Rio and the Italian G7 Presidency. The draft agenda can be downloaded here.

The conference will be held at Palazzo Mattei – Villa Celimontana, via della Navicella 12, Rome (Italy), from 9:30am to 1:30pm.

If you wish to attend, please contact: