Certificate in the Management of Substance Use Disorder

As part of the ongoing collaboration with the Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning (PILL), MGF will support the PILL in running a Certificate in the Management of Substance Use Disorder in Lahore, Pakistan. Alcohol and drugs contribute to the global burden of disease, yet there is a huge gap in training and research and capacity and capability in health professionals in low and middle income countries. MGF will be playing an advisory role and help facilitating the certificate in order to make a positive impact in this important area. Prof Nusrat Husain, Chair of the Board of Trustees of MGF and Professor of Psychiatry, as well as Dr Meher Husain, Senior Research Consultant, will be part of the international faculty.

This Certificate is aimed at various health professionals (Psychologists,General Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Nurses and Social Workers) and participants will obtain 72 credit hours. The course will last for 6 months, starting on 1st September 2019, with classes held twice a week on Saturday and Sundays.  Registration closes on 30th June 2019.

For further information and to register for the course, please email registration@pill.org.pk