Consultancy contracts

Below you can find some examples of consultancy contracts recently awarded to the Manchester Global Foundation.

Client: University of Glasgow

Manchester Global Foundation provided consultancy and advisory services to the ACROSS Program hosted at University of Glasgow, from May to July 2020, in the form of providing technical support to develop the impact strategy and conducting Theory of Change workshops.

Client: The Brain Institute Ireland

Manchester Global Foundation provided consultancy and advisory services to the PakAge Program hosted at The Brain Institute, from April to June 2020, in the form of conducting Theory of change workshops to guide their work.

Client: Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists


Manchester Global Foundation provided consultancy and advisory services to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, from July to November 2016, in the form of technical support to their Global Health department.

Client: Oxford Policy Management

In August 2016, Manchester Global Foundation provided consultancy and advisory services to Oxford Policy Management, in the form of technical support to their health portfolio.

Client: Welbodi Partnership

Our former Director Carole Green has a long-standing relationship with Welbodi Partnership, a charity working to improve the quality of healthcare for children and mothers in Sierra Leone. With Carole leading, MGF supported Welbodi in the development of communications and marketing materials from June to August 2016.

Client: Lancashire Mind

Two of our consultants, Marian Surgenor and Sarah Chalmers-Page, carried out a qualitative analysis of Lancashire Mind’s Achieving Self Care initiative from February to August 2016. This innovative project aims to help people with long term health conditions improve their anxiety levels, self esteem and confidence, to manage their own health and better engage with their communities.

Client: Major USA based INGO

Manchester Global Foundation supported a major international NGO over May and June in 2016, to design the programme for a USD 10 million PEPFAR-funded proposal focusing on pre-service training for health workers. This USA based INGO is currently working in more than one hundred countries and employed MGF to undertake this consultancy because of our expertise in human resources for health internationally, particularly in working with training institutions to improve their capacity to produce 'fit for purpose' health workers.

Client: Major USA based INGO

Carole Green, former Director of Manchester Global Foundation, supported a major international NGO in progressing their thinking in relation to further developing the agency’s approach to health systems strengthening in their programmes worldwide. This USA based INGO employed Carole to undertake this consultancy because of her significant knowledge and expertise in health systems internationally. The consultancy involved working with the client from April to June 2016 to develop questionnaires and undertake interviews with almost 60 staff across the globe. The work also included analysing the outputs from the interviews and developing themes and recommendations to take this thinking forward, outlined in the final report.

Client: United Nations

Our former chair of trustees Prof. Mukesh Kapila provided advisory services for approximately a year to the World Humanitarian Summit, which took place in May 2016. He acted as the focal point for the Special Session on Global Health, which promoted a new global undertaking on health in crisis settings. After the Summit, prof. Kapila’s wrote a blog post detailing why “if we fail in health we fail in the overall humanitarian endeavour”.

Client: Doctors of the World

Manchester Global Foundation coordinated the development of a £42 million DFID grant proposal aimed at the improvement of, and increased access to, essential health for the Syrian people inside Syria including those still in their own homes and IDPs. The bid incorporated both direct service provision plus modalities of working through local Syrian partners. The bid, finalised in March 2016, was developed across the network of Doctors of the World (UK)Medicos del Mundo (Spain) and Médecins du Monde (France).

Client: St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, Liberia

Carole Green, former Director of Manchester Global Foundation, has supported St Joseph’s Catholic Hospital in Liberia developing and finalising their Five Year Strategic Plan. The plan focuses on significantly strengthening the quality standards, timeliness and consistency of care delivered to patients in the local community and to improve customer care as the hospitals grows and expands. Br Peter Lansana Dawoh, the Hospital Director, stated:

The Management and staff of the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital present compliments and wish to extend to you sincere hearth-felt gratitude for your time, expertise and generous contributions made towards the successful of the historic document representing both the Annual and the Five-Year Strategic Plans of Action intended for directing the future of the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital“.

Client: International Rescue Committee (IRC) Somalia

Manchester Global Foundation facilitated the development of a proposal submitted for the £16 million DFID Somalia SHINE Programme (Component Two) in early 2016. This call for proposals was in relation to creating and sustaining population demand for health knowledge and health care services in the current Somali Essential Package of Health Services (EPHS) implementation districts. The proposal brought together five organisations operating in Somalia into the Health and Nutrition Demand Creation Services for the Somali People (HANDS) Consortium. Apart from IRC, the HANDS consortium included: Concern WorldwideInternational Medical Corps (IMC), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA),  and Benadir University in Mogadishu. MGF was instrumental in developing the consortium and designing the overall programme as well as facilitating and writing the final bid.