Charitable projects

Bangladesh project (scoping exercise)

Two of our consultants, Jasmin Begum and Jules Robertson, are conducting a scoping exercise to support the possible  development of a Community Birth Centre in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. This includes engagement with local maternity hospitals, health professionals, health authorities and the local community.  A visit in early 2020 is planned to conduct workshops/interviews with Health Professionals, local community health workers and  local women and their families.

We wish to set up a Community Birth Centre in order to:

  • Provide non-judgemental, practical & emotional support to vulnerable pregnant women during pregnancy, birth and beyond.
  • Improve the experience & outcomes for pregnant and postnatal mothers and their families from beginning of  pregnancy to until baby’s first birthday.

The overall aim and objective of the scoping exercise is to explore the feasibility of the project and underpin its development through identifying key components  needed to support such a service:

  • To discover the key factors that facilitate a functional, effective community birth service for vulnerable women, babies and families in a  rural area of Bangladesh.
  • To understand current knowledge and views of, and appetite for, a similar service  for  women who do not have access to any health care resources due to financial constraints.

A report of our findings will be available in Spring 2020.  We would like to thank  the Kathleen Hannay Memorial Charity for their generous contribution to make this possible.

Support to the Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning

In June 2018, MGF started supporting the Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning (PILL) as part of its charitable engagement.

The PILL was established in 1998  to improve the health and well being of people with an emphasis on mental health difficulties, and it focuses on gathering evidence to inform health and social care policy. MGF has been providing PILL with  capacity and capability building in research and clinical trials.